Learn Mentalism


Are you a Magician that want’s to learn Mentalism to add to ‘your bag of tricks’?

Learn Mentalism with Mentalist Kris Anthony

Are you a Stage Hypnotist that wants to learn Mentalism so you can add this skill to your Hypnotic Performance?

Do you want to learn Mentalism as a new skill to amaze friends or start to entertain audiences like Derren Brown?

This is a one day live course that will teach you the fundamentals of Mentalism (also known as ‘mind reading’) and after the one day course you will be able to perform Mentalism feats ‘on the spot’ and a performance that can last up to one hour….whether that be a small group or a seated audience.

As an example and a success story….a previous student from Malta (and now a performing and paid Mentalist) Andrew Zammit Soler trained with myself and his 1st performance was ON LIVE TV in Malta!!! This does not happen with every student but is an example that the knowledge is taught, so if you have the ‘will to perform’, this is achievable.

Learn Mentalism with Mentalist Kris Anthony

You will learn the Pschology behind Mentalism called ‘Dual Reality’ and the trickery behind the illusion of being able to read minds. Yes, thats right….it’s all an illusion and plain old trickery but when you combine this with the psychology, it’s very powerful as an entertaining tool! Not on any Mentalism course will you be taught body language (hence why this can be taught in a day) as this is one of the main misconceptions within Mentalism. It’s the appearence of being able to do this, and when someone is looking for this explanation, you can as such get away with murder (not literally).

At the end of the 1 day Mentalism course, you will leave with all the knowledge and gimmicks to amaze all that will see you perform and straight away you will be able to perform Mind Reading (Mentalism) shows!

So far I have had students from England, Ireland, Holland, Malta and as far as Australia for this 1 day Mentalism course. Professional tutoring in this field is hard to come by up to now and people have had to rely on books and dvd’s to learn the knowledge but this is the fast track to being a Mentalism performer.

Learn Mentalism with Mentalist Kris Anthony

The price of the investment is £425 and is taught 1-2-1 (face-to-face) or in a small/large group envirnoment. Also, I will travel to your country to teach you at your home or chosen venue. The cost of this is £425 plus travel (and accomadation if required).

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