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Stage Hypnosis Training UK & Worldwide – Live & Bespoke Hypnosis Training By One of The UK’s Most Experienced All Round Hypnotists

My extensive training has covered all areas of Hypnosis, including the DCH Doctor of Hypnosis from the American Institute of Hypnosis (2006 – Thesis >here<) & 20 Years of Stage Hypnosis Shows & Training.


“That was brilliant” – Tove Lo (Swedish Pop Star)
“Amazing…” – Bianca Gascoigne (Celebrity Big Brother)
“That was good…!” – Mark Morrison (Singer – Return of the Mack)
“Fantastic…” – Paul Nichols (Joe Wicks, EastEnders)
“One of the best…” – Jodie Marsh (TV Personality)


The Stage Hypnosis Training I run is either TWO DAYS LIVE (in a group or 1-2-1) THREE DAYS LIVE which incorporates an introduction to Mentalism which as a performance can run as an extension to your Stage Hypnosis Show (more money or a negotiating tool).

I also sell 6 hours of Stage Hypnosis Training on a USB stick (also known as a flash-drive or memory stick) or via Dropbox. To purchase these items, go to the shop via the main menu or click > here <

Do You Really Want To Be a Paid Stage Hypnotist?

Learn From a 20 Year Professional That Has Been There & Actually Done It

Think about it…worldwide there has been thousands of books sold, DVD courses sold, live courses attended so how come there are not thousands of professionally PAID Stage Hypnotists on the worldwide circuit? The reason…a lack of quality training.

The training is usually taught from Hypnotherapists that think they know how it all works. Sorry, if you took a Hypnotherapist and put them in front of an audience, guess what…they would die on their feet!

I am a Stage Hypnotist that learnt Hypnotherapy (in 2005) and I can teach you how to learn the art of Stage Hypnosis.

Don’t land up being a Hypnotist that can’t Hypnotise.

Real Powerful Hypnotic Psychology & Language

The Real Reasons Stage Hypnosis Works Not The Myth

Over the years I have seen so many incorrect descriptions as to how Stage Hypnosis works. So many myths and theories as to why it works that are told with so many different agendas. Naivety, ill-trained, untrained and the plain stupid. Sorry for putting it this way but I am just being honest.

Every now and then I see something that holds some credibility, a part reason as to what happens. What I never see is all the reasons from one person at the same time. That is because there is more than just one reason as to why a volunteer reacts on stage to the suggestions given by a Stage Hypnotist.

ALL the reasons are covered by any of my courses.

Safety in Mind – Both Psychological & Physiological

You Can Be Funny Without Compromising Safety

My hands are up…some of my past shows have been ‘hard’ on my volunteers and I will never try to portray otherwise. But, there is a way to do it and a way not to do it. This is taking into consideration both the physiological and the psychological dangers that ARE present with a Stage Hypnosis show.

There has not been an insurance claim for a long time related to a professional Stage Hypnosis show when conducted in the correct manor. But there is damage being done psychologically if the correct steps are not taken, or there has been damage but the results are not so obvious or not attributed to the Stage Hypnosis show that someone had participated in.