Contact Kris Anthony

To check availability for the Stage Hypnosis trainer Kris Anthony:

Phone / text: UK 07776 062380 (8am – 9pm)

International +44 (0)7776 062380 (8am – 9pm)

To email Kris, click the email link below:

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For more about my training, click HERE. As one of Europe’s most experienced Hypnotists, Kris is available for 1-2-1 personal Hypnotherapy. Click the following link for my therapy website HYPNOTHERAPIST RUISLIP

Unless I am with a client or in training, feel free to call at anytime. This is my full time work as a Stage Hypnosis trainer. I prefer you to call as so much information can be conveyed via the phone as opposed to email or text. If you don’t want to call at this stage, email and text is fine.

With each course, I just want to empty my  head to you which is many many years of Hypnosis experience. From the Queens Guards to film stars to the quiet pub in the middle of nowhere. My vast knowledge of Hypnosis comes from a combination of Stage Hypnosis shows and at the same time practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy with private clients. With the feedback you get from the participants from the Stage Hypnosis shows are priceless. The same goes for the Clinical Hypnosis clients, the information etc is something that you cant teach as everyone is an individual and the feedback is unique.

You maybe a Clinical Hypnotherapist that would like to learn Stage Hypnosis which only takes one day. If you are new to it, it takes two days. What is very common is for Stage Hypnotists to struggle and have problems in some areas of the show. I can help, just one day should straighten out any problems so you can be confident in what you do.

Just give me a call, I’m very approachable as you will see 🙂