Stage Hypnosis Training For Hypnotherapists

What I teach is outlined throughout this website and is what I term ‘RTP’ (reason to perform) which is the core part of the Stage Hypnotism training course. In a Hypnotherapy demonstration it all changes from conventional Hypnosis to other factors even if the subjects are totally sincere etc. It all changes when there is more than one person stood in front of you.

Stage Hypnotism training with Kris AnthonyYou already have Hypnotic skills but we will expand them further exploring the subconscious mind, how it works in a pressured environment and when there is a Hypnotist trying to Hypnotise more than one person. This is when the RTP comes into play. This action that is within the pre-talk is more important than the Hypnotic induction itself.

Regardless of the desired outcome, this is easily taught in a day. As with any of my training courses , with the Stage Hypnotism training course, you will gain lifetime mentoring if there are any problems etc. I prefer a talking platform as opposed to text or email as so much can be conveyed in a short period of time. This is done by Skype or other video platforms and has a fair use policy.

All Hypnotists say they have the best ability, the worlds quickest amongst all sorts of bold claims. My claim of one of the most experienced in the UK is a claim that is easily verifiable. Thousands Hypnotised both therapeutically and stage both in the UK and across Europe. Have a quick peek in YouTube.

If you have ever fancied being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, click the following link to find out further information about Clinical Hypnotherapy or for personal Clinical Hypnotherapy, click Ruislip Hypnotherapy